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The crankshaft bearing hole of the inspection and bearing selection
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1, bearing matching price of generator in south africabefore, should first check whether accord with a standard bearing hole. Clean the bearing seat and cover, crankshaft and crankcase. Check the bearing cover face whether level off, the flatness and inner hole maximum depth data shall conform to the regulations.

2, according to the need on both ends of bearing cover gasket (copper or steel), so that the bearing hole pad to roundness, mount bearing cover, tighten bolts, measured with inner scale bearing hole diameter and roundness and cylindricity error. Such as roundness and cylindricity error exceeds 0.05 mm, should be in accordance with the provisions, repair boring trim size.

3, according to the repair of crankshaft neck size matching bearings. Use special micrometer measuring the thickness of the bearing and its uniformity, bearing outside diameter should be compatible with the size of the bearing hole, its thickness deviation shall not be more than 0.03 mm. With metal tapping bearings, such as a ringing noise, said alloy with floor is good.

4, will be equipped with the appropriate bearing embedded bearing seat and the bonnet, check whether the bearing and bearing seal on the back (bearing contact with the hole of the joint degree should not be less than 85% of the area), convex mouth and bearing seat and cover the chimeric grooves, and whether the oil hole on the bearing seat connected to the oil duct.

5, bearing on with this, both ends of the edge must be higher than that of bearing seat plane 0.04 ~ 0.06 mm, so that to get a better seal after fit up. Inspection method is: will the bearing and the bearing cover installed, moderate tighten bolts to the bearing and the base closed so far, in the bearing cover graphic insert the feeler gauge, measuring holes on both ends of the contact surfaces of the bearing cover and cylinder clearance, with 0.10 mm thickness gauge insertion feeling fit, and with 0.15 mm thickness gauge can't insert is appropriate. If the gap is too big, should trim on both ends of the bearing; If too small, the prior matching bearings.

6, the requirement of bearing selection available four sentences to summarize, namely: according to the journal selection bearing; Bearing length standard; Smooth on the back of the tenon is good; Elastic suitable roup.

7, bearing the level of general note on the back of a narrow size without tags or inconsistent thickness, but by measuring the thickness of the bearing to check bearing level.

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