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Diesel generator starts without voltage fault solution
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No voltage generatoris likely to be no magnetic field generator to start. Can adopt the following solutions:

1. The first look at the two slip ring gloss degree, if it's not a gloss, with emery cloth, grinding until become bright, if not yet, take a very fine fuse, the generator on the "three phase four wire" casually pick up two root (short circuit), and then start the engine, fuse fusing, automatically when the voltage is to at the meeting.

2. If you don't understand the diode turn on the generator back cover an iron ring, you can see two slip ring, see sand carbon again, then take a battery, the size can be casually, then start the generator and the batteries are negative in connection with the hand holding, corresponding two carbon sand then press on the slip ring, until you see the generator voltage rise back away.

3. If still won't do, then try the batteries are negative change. If voltage after removed immediately and without the words, is the diode is broken, replace the diode.

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