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锘縏he fault phenomenon and diagnosis of diesel engine
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:thermostat

fault generator supplierphenomenon: the engine is overheating. The failure occurs very quickly.

troubleshooting: if the engine overheating and the fault quickly, the thermostat may have a problem. If the thermostat to maintain close, no probe is flowing to the radiator coolant can wear for the festival.

maintenance method: according to the following steps to remove the and check the thermostat: note: before starting work, to ensure that the cooling system at room temperature.

(1) the dry cooling system, and storage of all cooling fluid.

(2) remove the radiator hose from the thermostat.

section (3) on the probe is a shell, so as to remove the thermostat.

(4) as shown in figure, check the thermostat.

(1) the thermostat is suspended in the hot water in the container of the thermometer.

(2) increase the water temperature in the container, until the thermostat begins to open. You can see the thermostat loose in the open. On the temperature lower than the thermostat stamping number 10 鈩? thermostat should remain closed.

3. The temperature is higher than that of the stamping on thermostat Numbers about 25 鈩? thermostat should be fully open.

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