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Type 6135 B type diesel engine fuel injection pump camshaft fracture repair
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Type 6135 diesel generatorengine using B overall plunger type fuel injection pump. It through the four bolts fixed on the bracket on one side of the engine block, diesel engine crankshaft by timing gear drive, and the fuel injection pump fuel injection pump camshaft drive shaft connected by coupling. Fuel injection pump of CAM lift to 10 mm, cylinder center distance of 40 mm, fuel injection pump turn biggest ran at 1000 r/min. Due to the fuel injection pump working conditions of high speed and & other 4 support & throughout; Form of installation and use of maintain undeserved wait for a reason, easy to cause the fuel injection pump and the bracket attaches pump external circular arc surfaces wear (stent relatively few arc surface wear), the pump body down, CAM shaft axis and the fuel injection pump drive shaft axis deviation. Fuel injection pump camshaft by torsion, bending and swinging forces such as additional alternating stress, eventually leading to the camshaft fatigue fracture.

Troubleshooting methods, general is in a fix. Type 6135 B type diesel engine fuel injection pump camshaft shaft neck surface roughness is not greater than Ra0.32, hardness is not lower than HRC45, cylindricity tolerance is 0.10 mm, total length of straightness tolerance is 0.05 mm. If can't find the cause of the CAM shaft fracture, bound to lead to fracture again. The spot has three kinds of emergency repair methods.

(1) the original repair method

The root cause of the CAM shaft rupture is the fuel injection pump pump body of wear and tear. Can, therefore, the pump body with electric welding, brazing, welding, pile of methods for pile thickness and area of slightly larger than wear. With sharp cutting and grinding method after welding to welding parts polishing draw, restore original pump body geometry, cleaning all parts, machine can be used after debugging. Original repair method can also use the metal rubber filling method, to repair of the fuel injection pump pump body, which is prepared metal plastic coated in the region of the wear and tear, the thickness of the metal rubber coating, and area slightly larger than wear metal glue solidified after 20 ~ 30 min, area of rubber coated with metal grinding polishing, cleaning all parts, machine can be used after debugging.

(2) parts

Type 6135 B type diesel engine fuel injection pump of the pump body material is usually cast iron or aluminum alloy, although the material is qualitative different, its installation dimensions and internal structure. In plastic scrap, therefore, the type 6135 B type diesel engine fuel injection pump, according to the need to remove can make use of the pump body, CAM shaft and other parts, assembled into a complete B type fuel injection pump, used after qualification adjustment of the machine.

(3) additional parts

Under field conditions, unable to use the original repair method and parts to spell, can use method of additional parts. Specific method is: (1) with the file and worn parts grinding polishing cloth will pump body (wear parts for fitting surface with stents, and depends on the fuel injection pump drive shaft end wear serious); (2) with the depth of the pump body wear parts of the caliper measurement after grinding depth of wear depth general between 5 ~ 1 mm; (3) made additional gasket, copper or iron thickness is based on the depth of wear parts to determine the size of the measurement, width is about equal to the thickness of the bracket, the length of the wear parts of the arc length is approximately equal to the pump body; (4) attach making good gasket between the bracket and pump body of wear parts, quantity should be according to the measured depth of the wear parts to ensure that the should not be commonly more than 3 pieces; 5. Start the test after to install.

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