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The matters of attention in the battery used in diesel generator set
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:battery

Diesel generatorgenerator priceset long-term storage battery, before use must give the appropriate charge, to guarantee the normal capacity of the battery. (by hydrometer to detect the actual capacity of the battery) normal operation and charging can lead to some water is from the battery, which requires to rehydration of battery, often before the rehydration, should first to clean the dirt around the mouth filling, prevent them from falling into the battery, and then open the mouth filling, adding suitable amount of distilled water or pure water, do not add too full, on the basis of battery plate scale), otherwise, the battery discharge/charge, internal electrolyte will be poured out of the overflow of the filling mouth hole, causes of corrosion damage to the surrounding objects, environment. Avoid battery unit start in low temperature, low temperature environment capacity of the battery will not be able to normal output, and the discharge for a long time may cause the battery failure (cracking or explosion) standby unit battery recharging the battery maintenance termly, and suggest the user to choose the battery was electric.

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