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The diesel engine connecting rod bolt fracture
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:connecting

1. The assembly generator price

time tightening torque is too big, uneven. As a result of the assembly is not strict with torque wrench, the tightening torque and don't know, think more, the better; Tighten bolts connecting rod with a long rod tension, tightening torque is too big, more than the bolt material yield limit, the connecting rod bolt appears to yield deformation, in under the action of impact load due to excessive elongation rupture. Should be emphasized, must according to the standard twist connecting rod bolt, don't think that the tight, strength, the bigger the better.

2. The connecting rod of diesel engine runs a variety of levels, should be paid attention to in the overhaul can't change with different levels of the connecting rod. If due to careless not carefully in the overhaul will mess up connecting rod cover, wrong, cooperate to be not close together, can cause the big joint surface will cause the connecting rod in the engine run loose cover and cause of connecting rod bolt fracture. Type diesel engine connecting rod head for oblique incision, oblique Angle is 45 °, head and big end surface with 60 ° zigzag positioning structure, this kind of structure has joint closely, accurate positioning, reliable, and the characteristics of compact structure. If head confuses in the maintenance, fault, is bound to cause surface sawtooth position is not good, easy to cause the lid of the engine connecting rod in a work loose, and cause of connecting rod bolt fracture.

3. In the operation of the diesel engine in fault or the piston within the cylinder speed burned the fault, the connecting rod bolt pulled apart or cause drag mark. If the engine faults appeared in the use of vehicles, engines do a comprehensive inspection, the best replacement of the connecting rod bolt; If there have been more serious in the operation of individual cylinder of the cylinder, the replacement of cylinder piston and connecting rod bolts should be replaced when the components.

4. The material problem, processing defects and heat treatment process can also lead to connecting rod bolt breaks in the engine running.

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