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Two aspects of internal clean diesel generators
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Diesel generator engineDeutz generator oil are consumed to what place? Part because of oil "channeling" run to the combustion chamber, burn or carbon deposit formation, others from the untight seal leakage.

Generator oil generally through the clearance between the piston ring and ring groove, the clearance between the catheter and the valve into the combustion chamber. The sensor is the direct cause of the first piston ring near the top dead center because of its movement speed fell sharply, and the adhesion of lubricating oil left on it to the combustion chamber. Fitting clearance of piston ring and piston, piston ring, therefore, the amount of oil scraper and scraper, combustion chamber pressure and oil viscosity and oil consumption are closely related.

From operating conditions, the use of the oil viscosity is too low, the engine speed and the temperature is too high, cylinder liner deformation more than limit, parking "frequent starting, engine parts wear is too large, the oil level is too high, and so on will make the oil consumption increases.

Because of the connecting rod bending, body shaping tolerance can not meet the requirements of the piston running deviation (its logo is along both sides of the piston pin hole axis, side piston ring shore and on the other side of the piston skirt appear the trace of the piston and cylinder liner wear), is also an important cause of the oil consumption increase.

With distorted ring and combination oil ring, has obvious effect to reduce the oil consumption, especially the combination of oil ring of light weight, three structure without pump oil, itself is smooth, good adaptability to the cylinder wall, flange ring profile close to the ring groove.

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