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What parts of the diesel engine must be on-site assembly
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Diesel enginegenerator is made up of hundreds of parts. In diesel engine parts removed, then it should be according to the orders and the good Numbers, and then carefully cleaned and the identification of all parts. For the part does not need to be repaired or replaced, must be in place. If a collapse in the form of a disorderly place, after installation will destroy the normal work of diesel engine performance. So, what parts of the diesel engine must be on-site assembly?

1. The pistons, valves, nozzle dual part 3 very precise. Injection pump plunger and plunger sleeve, for instance, the space of only 0.001 to 0.003 mm, and through strict selection, can't exchange. Otherwise, it is not because the gap is too small, card is dead, because the gap is too large, the loss of performance.

2. Piston, piston ring and cylinder diesel engine is running and won the good gap, therefore in the process of disassembly, are not interchangeable. If you need to change the new parts, should be replaced, not only to replace the piston and cylinder can't replace, or replace only rather than replace piston cylinder.

3. Bearing and the journal bearing clearance in order to remain the same, the original assembly neck previous demolition of crankshaft bearing, axis, and then have to put it back. In addition, the ceramic tile can't replace.

4. Valve lock clamp and this is because the lock clamps between stem valves, valve stem and valve spring seat depend entirely on the small taper and actively. If they communicate with each other. Once the uneven wear parts or taper, easy to cause the valve loose, falling into a cylinder valve and cause significant mechanical accident.

5. Servo valve lifter and columns if push rod column matching and other activities, because of the push rod ball with dynamic column head, wear not completely the same, so will drop down to the depths of the ball, sometimes fall on the ball, therefore changes caused by adjusting valve clearance, even lead to valve piston slap. At the same time, the weak power of shaking the hips will inevitably break. As a result, the two parts from the body, make the good mark storage, assembly must be kept in the same position again.

Sealed shim between the two parts to install the plane sealing pressure washer, and mechanical parts surface micro is not uniform, and thus play a role in sealing. So every time modified, should try to keep the mussels seals and parts surface is changeless, effectively prevent leakage. If you don't do this, the new seal should be replaced, it should not be reused.

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